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Meeting shop owners and staff is always difficult, especially when the shop is busy, and this pocket rocket of a Gun shop fits right into that category.  

From the moment I arrived, I could see the level of customer service was excellent.  A customer wanted to see different types of pellets before he paid, so tins were opened, everyone got involved, cups of tea and coffee came out, then the customer, now happy with his choice paid and went of to test his new lead purchase’s out.  Fine, it may only be a tin of pellets, but to us shooters it’s super important if we have a pest issue or targets to be hit.  That’s what a friendly Gun shop should be all about.

Solware in Tamworth may not be a massive premises, but it has a stupendous heart, which goes with the Alladin’s cave of goodies that can be found within.  Carl Harlow (MD) and Tye Forde (Manager) are frontline in this store, looking after all aspects of a shooters needs.

Everything you need can be found here.  If you have an FAC ticket or Shotgun stamp, then Solware can sell you something.  Packed into the isles are a vast range of Rifles, Air Rifles, Shotguns and CO2 Pistols, and to top it they have their own 10 meter range. Bows, Crossbows, spares and accessories, it’s all here.

My basic test when visiting a Gun shop is always look to be as much as a pain in the arse as possible.  I want to try 5 different scopes on the rifle I am going to buy, but then I might try a different rifle, Oh and what about pellets, yes lets look at all the different types.  In this store, I was not going to get away with that, because the different types of stock available was so huge I would have needed to pay for a hotel and come back the next day.  Hawke scopes galoure, every type and make of air rifle, some which I had not seen before.  Topped with the fact that they do tester days, and have fired all the items they sell, so you know what your being told is correct.

A thriving online business to boot these guys have the business sewn up.  So, if you want a cup of tea, a chat, maybe pick up a few bit’s of knowledge and then transfer some funds out of your bank account, this is the place for you.

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