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The range is not only open to shop customers to try products, it can be hired and paid entry by the hour is also available.  The private bookings are thick and fast, while I visited the staff were recovering from a Stag do, and Birthday party from the previous two nights.

Maybe this is becoming the way to sell guns, try before you buy, and I have to say I like it.

Rotherham has a new theme park, and it’s called Idleback.  Did you know that a stones throw from the M1 at Sheffield is one of the most up to date and modern indoor Airgun ranges I have ever seen.  Just to top that, it’s attached to a brand new shop, with loads of parking and easy access.  Does that sound like an advert, well it dam well should do, because it’s fantastic.  

Idleback are usually known for the range of shooting chairs, which I have used and filmed, finding them faultless every time.  Being on the side of large the chairs have never failed me, and I have to say always feel sturdy in construction and design.

But now the chair people from “Up North” have opened a store, where you can by an Air Rifle, Pellets, Scope and Night Vision, but before handing over your hard earned wonga, you can try them all out on a 30 meter range, with coaching.

By eck, I here the locals cry, and I can well understand why.

The range is set to field target standards and dimensions, but it has been tweaked by the Idleback designers, now the targets light up, and turn off when shot, the paper target carousels work, at speed, right up to 30 meters.  Each booth has a shooting table, which is reversable to left and right handed shooters, well lit and blinkin dark when you turn the lights out, ideal to test and zero that night vision setup.  Constant shooters came and went during my visit, all really chatty and friendly and it was nice to be in an environment where everyone was speaking about their hobby without minding “p’s” and “q’s”.

In the shop is a vast range of rifles, Daystate, Air Arms, BSA, Weihrauch. With a soon to be added Shotgun area, as Idleback have just been awarded the distribution rights to the new Marocchi Finn 612s.

This is a family business, and having spent some time watching a day’s trade, the customers always end up walking out with a smile, knowing what they have bought they have tried and are happy.

If that was not enough, no excuses about it being a long drive, make it a day out, because to top it all, they have a snack bar.  Tea, coffee and my favourite sweeties all on hand.  It’s an ideal place to sit and contemplate your bank balance, when you have just tried your perfect setup, and it has to go home with you. Today.

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