REVIEW: Gamo Maxxim Elite | Swarm | Fast Fire - 10 Shot Springer Air Rifle .177

This is The Airgun Gear Show's review of this revolutionary rifle, a quick fire 10 shot system for a springer, and boy does it work well. The package I have here is the UK spec version with the 3x9x40 Game scope and mount included. The rifle is fitted with a shock reducer on the dove tail rail, and the one piece mount goes on top.

Out to 25 yards the package is bang on for plinking and pest control, out to 50 yards with the included scope its a tin can basher, upgrade the scope and its capable of a lot more at further ranges, but you will need to practise practise practise.

.303 NOT a PUSSY's Pellet Gun

You want to hit hard and bring down your prey, then this could be for you. The New Daystate .303 Renegade is a large calibre airgun with 80 Ft Lbs of hitting power, thats over 900fps. The gun is a hybrid electric, with full mechanical action and electronic trigger. Those electronic are powered by a 9V battery, which has a shot cycle of 10,000 shot plus......so its never really going to run out. Powered by a 300cc compressed onboard cylinder giving 18 shots from a 250 bar charge this is enough for any big prey hunter.

AIRGUN fit for a KING

The Daystate Wolverine 2, or Saxon special edition in 32ft lb / USA power mode is an incredible rifle. It seems that the walther loather barrel has almost been tuned for the 18g pellets at 50 and 75 yards. During my week with the rifle, it taught me how to shoot a high power airgun, and if your looking to put any pest or vermin ( rabbit, rat, squirrel, bird ) through the pearly gates, this is going to do the job with ease.

Over 70+ shots, I found that filling to 230 and shooting down to 160 gave me best performance and 70 shots where within 9 FPS.....at around 900fps, yep the rifle will shoot low if you over fill it to 250, and will drop off after 160, but do as I say and this is gonna put 7 / 10 inside a dime at 75 yards.

The Wolverine 2 is the same engine as the Saxon, I chose to shoot the bling version, because I could.

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