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HATSAN GALATIAN - This is a full review of the Hatsan Galatian air rifle, looking very much like the popular range of Hatsan Shotguns, this new air gun is like nothing else out. With its side lever loading and mamouth magazines, this is a bruiser of an air gun, which in this extreme form is going to take the world by storm.


The scope used is an MTC Viper Connect.



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DAYSTATE WOLVERINE C - Its here at long last. The next instalment after the Daystate Wolverine B and the most powerful british air gun the Daystate Wolverine 303. A cylinder fed air rifle, from a prestigious air gun maker. Its something really new from Daystate, and judging by the smiles from the visitors on the day, its going to be an explosive hit.


I apologise for the over use of the phrase "absolutely beautiful" - I know, I say it a lot. :)






REVIEW - Daystate Wolverine B Air Gun






This is a big one, the Daystate B Type air gun. A complete package air rifle, hunting, target shooting or just plinking, this will do it all, with amazing accuracy. The internals are completely new, a single aluminium block makes this air guns new beating heart.

I have travelled thousands of miles with this air rifle, and have seen it in action in high power and sub 12ft lbs, and have to say it has performed faultlessly. Enjoy the review, if I missed something, let me know and I can add it later.


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Air Gun Speed Shooting - Air Rifle Extreme Bench Rest 2013 - This is the one I enjoyed filming, taking part in and watching the most. Simply awesome to watch the shooters and the speed they load the air guns, I did try but my time was 4mins, which was awful, but I had never tried anything like that before. I will be practising for next year I can tell you.

The Range was mastered by Steve Smith of Wild West Airguns


He did a fantastic job keep everything organised and running smoothly.

In this we also Ted from Ted's Holdover - edgunusa - Ted had a great idea, but the judges had a different idea, have a look what do you think?

All hosted by Airguns of Arizona, it was a truly fantastic day.




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